Over 100 vintage buses are expected to gather at the former Greyhound Terminal in downtown Evansville this weekend.  Buses from all over the United States will be on public display built 25 years ago or earlier. 

I spoke with Stan Holter one of the main organizers with The Bus Boys Collection earlier today and he told me the bus rally event will feature buses from as early as 1914 and still operational.  He's been working on bringing this bus rally event here to Evansville since last year as part of preserving the history of buses and promoting their heritage.

The public is invited to check out these vintage buses and converted motor homes near  the Bru Burger, formerly the Evansville Greyhound Terminal, on Sycamore between 2nd and 3rd Streets free of charge!  Bus rides will be offered for $5. It's this weekend only beginning Friday, September 22 - Sunday, September 24.

A parade will kickoff Sunday at 2pm through downtown Evansville.

Check out some of these cool pics!





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