The Vanderburgh Humane Society is doing everything they can to prepare themselves for the annual rush of kittens they receive this time of year which they affectionately call, "kitten season," and they could use your help.

The rush generally comes from neighborhood cats who don't belong to anyone in particular and have not been spayed which leads to someone in the neighborhood packing them up and taking them to the VHS so they have a chance at surviving. Other times the kittens come from full-grown females who are pregnant when they're dropped off at the shelter. So, just how many kittens are we talking about?

"Between 800 and 900 kittens under 6 months every single year," according to a statement from Development Coordinator Amanda Coburn. That's a ridiculous amount of kittens. If you have a cat or two at home, think about what you spend on food, litter, etc. then multiply that by 800. Now imagine being an organization that relies on donations to cover the cost of caring for all those animals and hoping you have the funding for it. Did your stress level go through the roof too?

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In an effort to make sure they have what they need to care for the insane amount of kittens they're expecting, the VHS is currently hosting a "Kitten Shower" through Mother's Day (May 8th, 2021). For the most part, it's the same thing as a baby shower, but for cats. Except there won't be any refreshments or fun games to try and determine the gender of the baby. Like an expectant mother would do for a human baby, the crew at the VHS have put together wish lists featuring the variety of different items they need to properly take care of the cat babies. They're hoping you'll be willing to help by buying and donating them.

Click on each link below to see the lists and make a purchase.

You can either have your donation shipped directly to the VHS or have it shipped to your home and deliver it yourself anytime between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Employees of the VHS will keep everyone up to date on the items they receive during "unboxing" videos each day on the shelter's Facebook page and other social media platforms.

[Source: Vanderburgh Humane Society Press Release]

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