Happy Valentine's Day! Just in case you were curious about all the money spent on this Valentine's Day -  from cards to flowers and more, check out these figures from this poll: 

Wet roses with dew
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Number of Valentine's Day cards exchanged annually

  • 180 million

I am part of this statistic 'cause I love giving a card to my hubby!

Percentage of all flowers purchased by men

  • 73%

Are there any women who do not enjoy receiving flowers?

Average annual Valentine's Day spending

  • $13,290,000,.000

Wow!  That's 13 billion dollars spent just on Valentine's Day!

Average number of children conceived on Valentine's Day

  • 11,000

If you're born in November, chances are you were conceived on Valentine's Day!

Percentage of women who would end their relationship if they didn't receive something for Valentine's Day

  • 53%

Hmmm.  Too high?  Too low?

Gifts most often given on Valentine's Day (Candy)

  • 47.5%

Chocolates of any kind is a yes!!


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