Last week, I posted about a local dog that needs a Christmas miracle in a big way. Meet Miss Puddin'. She has been through a lot and an update from her adoption facility, PC Pound Puppies reveals both heartbreaking and hopeful news.

Our girl saw the vet today and here is some of what we determined...we discovered that her heartworm infestation is in stage 3, which is very, very serious. Her doctor expressed concern about putting her under anesthesia for mass removal because of the fact that her heart is unable to pump properly with all these worms in her heart. Therefore, we will have the largest mass and another smaller mass removed using a local anesthetic and those masses will be sent off for histopaths to be performed and determine if these masses are benign or malignant and what our options are.

Her doctor also told us that he had never seen anything like the ribboning she has on her ears and that it appears to him that someone cut them at some point and tried to sew them. Horrifying. We learned that the main cause of many of her skin problems and hair loss are the product of longterm, chronic infections that went untreated. She is also anemic and had some abnormalities in her bloodwork that we will be sorting through, and she will be having a procedure on her eyelids to keep them from rubbing against her eyeballs once her heart is healthier. For now we are starting her on medication correlative to her heartworm treatment and her first mass removals are scheduled for the 21st of this month.

All this being said, her doctor has full confidence that she can be successfully treated and live the life she deserves. The estimate of getting her healthy, including her heartworm treatment is $2485.88. If anyone would like to contribute to her vetting, we sure would appreciate it. Puddin' deserves a chance at life and we need help to ensure she gets it. Thank you all so much and we'll keep you updated...


Though we are so happy Puddin' is in the care of PC Pound Puppies and on her way to a wonderful life, she has been neglected and abused for a very long time. I absolutely can't believe people can be so cruel and heartless. If you are considering supporting a charitable organization this holiday season, please consider putting Puddin' on your list. She deserves a happy life, not this. No animal deserves this.

PC Pound Puppies needs help with her extreme vet bills. They are hoping cancer is not a factor.

Our community has always been phenomenal when it comes to helping those in need. We need to rally around this beautiful creature and show her that not all humans are monsters.


And, after reading about Puddin', the people of PC Pound Puppies has taken in another sad soul.

Unfortunately tonight we have another heart-breaking post to make...poor Logan was picked up as a stray this afternoon by Posey County animal control, and upon seeing the deplorable condition he was in, we took him straight to the vet for evaluation and with intent to do all we could to save his life. Besides the laundry list of things wrong with this poor baby, what we also found out upon vet examination, is that while he may have been picked up as a stray, he was being held by someone who did this to him. He bears scarring on his legs that he will have forever, caused by urine scalding. This occurs when an animal is confined to a small area and forced to lay in urine for ceaseless lengths of time. He is only about 6 years old and his teeth are worn down to the gum line, another indication of prolonged confinement. His remaining teeth are broken, cracked and abscessed. Additionally, he is infested with fleas, anemic, has an infected leg laceration, enlarged liver, heart murmur, and a fully torn acl. We have started him on medications and are going to do all we can to save his life. If you would like to contribute to his vetting costs, we could sure use it and would be extremely grateful.

Additionally, if anyone has any information that may lead us to the person responsible for this, PLEASE notify us immediately and animal control will pursue justice for Logan.



ORIGINAL POST ABOUT PUDDIN' From the PC Pound Puppies Facebook page:

Tonight we would like to introduce you to our newest rescue, Puddin’.

Puddin’ is one of the saddest cases we’ve had come through in quite some time. Whenever you meet her, the first thing about her that grabs your attention, aside from that heart-melting face, is her poor, poor broken body. Sadly, we see a lot of dogs come in thin and un-kept, but not like this...her body tells the tale of years and years of repeated breeding and neglect. She was surrendered by her “owner” this week and left to rot in the shelter, assumingly because she's no longer serving her purpose, churning out puppies. She's criminally underweight and has wide-spread growths all over her body, some the size of baseballs. She has discharge seeping from her eyes and nose and black sludge caked in her ears, as well as pressure calluses all over her body. She is also heartworm positive. The physical discomfort she must be experiencing is unimaginable, but the minute you look at that sweet baby, her tail starts wagging and you see her hope building a little...

If you aren't familiar with the face and broken spiritedness of a dog that's been abandoned in a shelter, it's one of the most crushing things your heart ever experiences. Puddin’ wore that same expression of confusion and fear. Dogs that have come from terrible lives, as she has, don't know that life is anything different than what they have known, and even if it's been horrible, it's what's familiar.

Puddin’ is now safe with us and in a foster home, and we will never let any harm or neglect befall her again. We have begun the process of figuring out what conditions she has and how to treat them, but it is going to take a lot of time and money to treat her and heal her poor body. We will do whatever it takes, but we are really going to need some help with the exorbitant costs of fixing this sweet girl. She deserves this chance at a happy, healthy life. She's suffered enough. Please if anyone is able to contribute to her vetting, donations can be made with the ‘donate’ button at the top of our page, at, or via mail at P.O. Box 295 Mt. Vernon, IN 47620...thank you all and we will keep you updated...

The link below will also allow you to donate directly to Puddin'. Thank you all!