Fall means something different to each of us. For some, it is all about the hayrides and apple cider. For others, it's the pumpkin patches and corn mazes. And for still others, there's the fun of taking the kids for a day of outdoor farm adventure.

It Starts With The Perfect Pumpkin

Personally, I love fall, and especially Halloween. We all know you cannot celebrate Halloween without a proper jack-o-lantern, which starts with the perfect pumpkin. Sure you can go to a big chain box store to buy your pumpkin but let's be honest. It is so much more satisfying and fun to go out into a pumpkin patch and pick your perfect jack-o-lantern pumpkin yourself. So if you want to find the perfect pumpkin keep scrolling to check out some of the options we've got below for area pumpkin patches and farms.

Photo by Gillian Lingard on Unsplash

Hayrides and Corn Mazes Galore

The other wonderful thing about fall is, of course, the hayrides and corn mazes. In this part of the Midwest, there is no shortage of mazes and hayrides to explore. If this is your idea of a fun fall time, we've put gathered some of the best in our region in the list below.

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Perfect Fall Entertainment for the Whole Family

If you are looking for the perfect location to take the kids and let them burn off some of that fall break energy, you'll find lots of options in our list below. The Tri-state is full of places perfect for entertaining the kids - young and old alike.

Somethings Just For the Adults Too

Maybe you'd prefer more of an adult-only experience like, say, a day at a winery and distillery full of fall flavors, or maybe Zombie Paintball is more your speed... You're in luck! We have put together a list of some of the best places to enjoy fall fun - no matter what your exact brand of fun happens to be.

Photo by Anderson Schmig on Unsplash

30 Of The Best Pumpkin Patches and Farms in the Are


While this is certainly not a comprehensive list of every place in the region, it is an alphabetical list full of 30 wonderful spots, all within about a two-hour drive of Evansville, Henderson, and Owensboro. Some of them are right here in our own backyards too so if you don't feel like making a road trip. Keep scrolling to find your new favorite fall tradition in Southern Indiana, Western Kentucky, and Southeastern Illinois...

Fall Guide: Pumpkin Patches, Orchards, Hayrides & Corn Mazes + More In and Around the Ohio Valley

Your list of all things fall in and around the Ohio Valley in Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois. From pumpkin patches and hayrides to orchard and corn mazes, here's a list of the 30 best places to take the family or go on an adult's only adventure.

Scariest Ghost Town In KY Has A Truly Terrifying Past And Can’t Be Found On A Map

The month of October fills me with even more passion for abandoned and haunted places and things. I love to research legends, folklore, and stories from all over the world, but especially right here in Kentucky. Some of the stories are pure legend with no real facts to back them up. But, I’m a sucker for a good ghost story.

One such legend involves a small town, a murdering teacher, and mysterious disappearances that went on for decades. This is what I learned about the legend of Elsewhere, KY.

A construction worker and journalist, by the name of Seamus Coffey, was volunteering at a Senior Citizen’s center and he met a man named, Earl. The gentleman was about 80 years old and told him a story of something that happened in Elsewhere. KY.

"When I was a boy, my pa’ and I went to the Elsewhere General Store to get some rock candy and chicken feed. I stood outside while pa’ talked to Mrs. Ellison the shopkeep. Pa’ loaded the feed into the truck and handed me the candy. Right about then, there was this loud scream from the schoolhouse. I don’t know right well what happened ’cause pa” told me to stay in the truck, but after that we never went back to Elsewhere."

"When I was a few years older, I went back there with some friends. We were just dumb kids foolin’ around. My friend Jason went inside the schoolhouse and I never saw him again. We spent the rest of the day looking for him and later the police did a search but found nothing. Shortly after that the county disconnected Elsewhere road from HWY 280. It’s been about 60 years and you’re the first person to mention the place in half a century, son."

After that, Seamus started searching for any information he could find about Elsewhere. He found an article in the Louisville Courier-Journal. The article covered a story about Elsewhere being abandoned for health and safety reasons. It was dated April 2nd, 1953. The article also gave him a piece of the puzzle that was missing, the exact location of Elsewhere. The town was located two miles north of New Concord (KY) just off of HWY 280. So, of course, he had to go there for himself.

This is the terrifying story of what he found in Elsewhere.



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