There are several reasons why Halloween has become so popular across the country, whether it is candy, costumes, haunted houses, scary movies, or parties. Those factors can also help determine which cities are the best (and worst) places to spend Halloween. Tennessee is known for doing a lot of things really well, but according to this study, Halloween is not one of them. Two popular TN cities find themselves toward the bottom of the list.

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What Makes a City Great for Halloween? compared the 100 biggest cities in America in the following categories that can affect you and your family's Halloween experience.

  • Trick-or-Treater-Friendliness: When it's time to hit the pavement and collect candy, you have to take certain things into consideration - like the number of potential trick-or-treat stops, the walking situation, crime rates, and traffic safety.
  • Halloween Fun: This category encompasses all of the various Fall activities, including the number of haunted houses, pumpkin patches, farms, movie theaters, bars, amusement parks, and more.
  • Halloween Weather: You've got to consider what Mother Nature has planned for you on All Hallow's Eve.

What's Wrong With Tennessee?

Like I said before, Tennessee does a lot of things really well, and you can find Tennessee cities near the top of a bunch of lists, just not this one. Two cities in particular - Nashville and Memphis - landed at #97 and #98, respectively, on this list.

Nashville really didn't do well across the board, with rankings of 92, 80, and 89 in the three categories listed above. Memphis ranked a little bit better when it comes to Halloween fun (64) and weather (37), but its extremely high crime rate (#99) could not be overlooked.

Which City is the Best for Halloween?

If you really want to go all out this year and celebrate Halloween in the biggest and best way possible, you can't go wrong by visiting the top three cities on this list - New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

Scroll over the map below to see how the rest of the cities ranked. You can see the full report here.

Source: WalletHub

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