If you want to be the coolest person at the total solar eclipse party, break out those ugly Christmas sweaters!

Once-in-a-Lifetime Event Levels Up

Alright, you have your solar eclipse plan in place. You have stocked up on food and gasoline, and you have some official solar eclipse glasses. Now you just have to figure out what in the world to wear. I found a pretty cool tip that might help you decide what colors to wear.

2024 Total Solar Eclipse Strange Phenomenon

Sometimes our eyes play tricks on us and we might think that a certain dress is blue or gold. Remember the dress that broke the internet several years back? It actually has its own Wikipedia page LOL! Our eyes can play similar tricks during a Total Solar Eclipse especially if you are wearing red and green.

Usually, when it gets dark, the sun goes down and our eyes adjust accordingly. But during the totality of a total solar eclipse, our eyes don't adjust immediately and that can make certain colors appear different.

PHOTO: Purkinje Effect
PHOTO: Purkinje Effect

This involves the cones and rods in your eyes. Basically, reds will appear muted or greyish and the greens and blues will appear more vibrant. I'll let Mr. Modrcin explain the science of this phenomenon

Mike Modrcin of the Omaha Astronomical Society explains the Purkinje effect:

Free Prime Viewing

The Evansville riverfront is the perfect spot to experience the once-in-a-lifetime Total Solar Eclipse. Riverside Drive will be closed to traffic, so we can all enjoy the strangest 3 minutes of darkness ever.

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