Everyone loves a good NERF battle, right? Boys and girls, young and old, kids and parents - everyone. I'm sure the parents of these kids had no idea that their simple living room NERF battle would produce some an epic moment. It's a hilarious clip, made even better by the beautiful slow motion and the emotional music. I'm not sure if it was the parents or someone else that realized that the action sequence captured in their house closely resembled one of the most iconic scenes in movie history.

The NERF battle scene is drawing comparisons to a scene from Oliver Stone's 1986 Vietnam movie Platoon. (Spoiler Alert) The scene, also shot in slow motion and featuring dramatic music, show Willem Dafoe's character, Sgt. Elias, being gunned down by the Vietcong. That scene, that image, is so important that it was used on movie posters, DVDs, and other promotional material.

Platoon was one of many really amazing war/military movies released in the 1980s. It got me thinking about some of my favorites, so I decided to put together a list for you. I will certainly concede that there are other great war movies from the 80s, but I can only choose from the ones I've seen. So, these are just MY favorites, including some blockbusters, a comedy, and maybe a couple you've never heard of.

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10 of My Favorite Military Movies from the 80s


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