The first Flag Day was held at a school.

We have Bernard Cigrand to thank for recognizing June 14 as Flag Day each year. He was a teacher, and he decided to start the annual tradition back in 1885.

While Flag Day is a national holiday, it is not a federal holiday. That's why you don't have the day off, unless you live in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is the only state that has Flag Day on it's list of state holidays.

The history is a lot longer than this, but if you want to educate yourself, go to

How are we supposed to celebrate?

It's tradition to display the American Flag outside your home or business. There are several rules about how the flag should be displayed and handled

First, enlist a partner and stand facing one another, each holding both corners of one of the rectangle’s shorter sides. Working together, lift the half of the flag that usually hangs on the bottom over the half that contains the blue field of stars. Next, fold the flag lengthwise a second time so that the stars are visible on the outside. Make a triangular fold at the striped end, bringing one corner up to meet the top edge. Continue to fold the flag in this manner until only a rectangle of star-studded blue can be seen.

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