The decision to demolish the former PCHS/PCMS building has not set well with a lot of Princeton residents. It is a very old facility, and time has not been kind as you'll see in the video and photo gallery below.

Time Capsule

A time capsule was found in the cornerstone of the former Princeton Community Middle School. The contents will be a surprise for everyone. I'm guessing that there will be a newspaper so that the exact date is on record. We will have to wait until the new school year begins before the capsule will be opened.

Image: North Gibson School Corp
Image: North Gibson School Corp

Big Announcement From North Gibson School Corporation

Help Needed From Princeton Residents

Officials with the North Gibson School Corporation needs help to locate folks that are related to the school trustees from 1912.

North Gibson School Corp
North Gibson School Corp
As part of our planning for an opening ceremony for our time capsule, we would love to be able to connect and hopefully include family members of the school trustees who were instrumental in making sure the history of the time period was captured.
If you know any descendants of the school trustees of 1912, please help us connect with them.
Earnest E. Noble
Harry G. May
Stuart T. Fisher
Also, from newspaper reporting of the event, a gentleman by the name of James W. Davis was the stone mason who created the cornerstone and played a large role in the placement of the time capsule.

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Great walk down memory lane in the old Princeton High School that was the Princeton Community Middle School when I attended there. I remembered which teachers were in the various rooms you walked through. It's so sad they let it fall into such disrepair. What you guys saw was after the renovations took place in the mid-1980s. When I first attended, the main floor was still the original building. The top floor housed all the 6th-grade classes, as well as the library, computer lab, and study hall. The main and bottom floors housed the 7th & 8th-grade classes: the main floor - English, Math, and Social Sciences; the basement - Home Ec and Science. The ancillary building where you entered housed the cafeteria, music, art, and band rooms.

~ Scott Hartley

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