I have in my possession not one but two senior dogs. We've had both of them since they were very young and have been through all stages of life. Our
Akita, Kodi, is going to be 12 in February and Chaz the Chihuahua turned 15 in June. I pretty much can't remember a time in my life when I didn't have Chaz. He's my ride-or-die. Like the dog would literally die for me if he felt I needed protecting. At 15, he's not as energetic or springy as he once was. But that's not necessarily a bad thing.

November is national Adopt a Senior Dog Month and though adopting a senior dog does not sound like a great idea, allow me to let you in on a secret. Senior dogs are the best. Here's why...

1. They don't tear your crap up.

Let me repeat that for those in the back who didn't hear me. THEY DON'T TEAR YOUR CRAP UP. I spent an entire puppyhood dealing with destroyed shoes, purses, furniture, even a mattress. OMG I wanted to kill Chaz a few times. There's no word to describe how mad you are when you come home to a shredded Temperpedic mattress or a chewed up brand new Louis Vuitton purse. You KNOW you have a real BFF when they don't friend divorce you over that. Now, the worst that happens is he might pull a fluff off his bed here and there but nothing on the level of The Great Louis Vuitton Purge of Chaz' 2007 Reign of Terror.


2. They don't constantly require your attention.

In fact, they spend most of their time sleeping. Lounging. Eating. Sleeping. They'll be friendly when you have time and you aren't messing with their all-important sleep schedules but otherwise, they are good.

Never disturb a big dog cuddling his blankie... Ashley S

3. They don't assault others.

Kodi has been the perfect canine specimen his entire life (well, except for a couple incidents) and would rather die than jump on someone or hurt a person. Chaz was a different story. I seriously weighed my options about Mexico or Canada he assaulted so many people... including my 80-year-old grandma when she hugged me. Oy.

Does this look like the face of a dog who would bite a little old grandmother? Well, it is! --Ashley S

Every time I think, boy, I'd sure love to have a puppy in the house, I dogsit my brother's gaggle of youngster hounds and I quickly come to the conclusion that I'll just have to keep my oldies but goodies kickin' for a few more years. If you are in the market for a loving, well-behaved couch potato, please consider a senior dog. They are affectionate, loving, kind, and need homes just as badly as the puppies.

And, It Takes a Village is running a Senior Special this month!