This Word Test Will Reveal If You’re More Introverted Or Extroverted.

I love introverted/extroverted talk! I used to think an introvert was shy and meek, but in fact they are just sometimes quiet because they are observing the room or thinking about what they are going to say before they say it; something I have never done before.

According to a Ted Talk by Susan Cain, “Our most important institutions, our schools and our workplaces, they are designed mostly for extroverts and for extroverts’ need for lots of stimulation. This is our loss for sure, but it is also our colleagues’ loss and our communities’ loss. And at the risk of sounding grandiose, it is the world’s loss. Because when it comes to creativity and to leadership, we need introverts doing what they do best.”

She goes on to say that most teachers favor extroverts because they are likable, more personable, and studies show it is the introvert that does better in school, according to the Ted Talk.

Take this fun quiz to see what Buzzfeed claims to be your personality -- introverted or extroverted.

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