I'll be honest, I have not been keen on wearing a face mask, even though I know how important it is. I had some unexpected claustrophobia in the beginning, but wearing a different type of mask seemed to help. The thinner cloth masks move around too much when I talk - I take in a lot of air, I guess. I found some at Sam's Club with a nose adjuster, but those have since sold out. My husband is outside a lot for his job, so I really wanted to find a mask that would be more comfortable for both of us.

Michelle Heart mentioned that some athletes were wearing a new type of mask from Under Armour, so I had to check these out. If an athlete can train in it, surely it's breathable, right? After reading all about it, I decided to order one for each of us. There was one little hiccup, they were on pre-order, so we had to wait about a month. Now that we've had them for a few days, I wanted to share my findings with you.

Review: Under Armour Sportsmask

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