I am a big fan of the phrase “if it ain’t broke done’ fix it.”  Especially when it comes to movies and TV.  There are just some things that do not, I repeat do not, need to be rebooted or reimagined.  Little House on the Prairie is one of those things.

Growing up I spent hours watching the DVD box sets of the classic NBC show that ran from 1974 to 1983.  To this day it is one of my favorite shows.  Now, I know that I might be getting ahead of myself by wanting to completely write off the idea of a Little House on the Prairie reboot.  But I personally think that the original show will always be the best representation of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books.  Anyway, putting all personal feelings aside, this is what is known so far about the potential reboot.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Paramount TV Studios and Anonymous Content will be the ones behind the reboot.  The show will be an hour-long drama that is based on the books that inspired the original series.  As of right now, the project has no names attached to it in regards to writers, directors, or actors.  That being said, the idea of the reboot is sparking interest from different companies.

I will be very interested to see not only who else gets behind the reboot but also where this thing will air.  Will it go right to a streaming service?  Or since Paramount is involved will it be another show on their cable channel?  Regardless of where the show ends up or whoever else gets behind the project, I hope they not only do the books justice but they also stick with the wholesome feel of the original series.

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