I reference our "region" of the state on almost a daily basis, whether I'm writing an article or talking on the radio. I live and work in Evansville, but there are several other cities around us, and it's just easier to say Southwestern Indiana or Southern Indiana, instead of listing each one individually. I was unaware, however, that there are actual regions, made up of specific cities, and each of those regions has a specific name - that is until I found this map that explains it all.

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I find this topic oddly intriguing, and I want to know more about it. Who decided where one region ends and another begins? Who came up with the names? Are these regions official, and do they serve any real purpose? I've tried to find some answers, but the information seems limited, and I can't find any "official" info from the state.

Here They Are...the Six Regions of Indiana

For the record, I don't know who created this map, when it was created, or how accurate it is. While the areas included in each region seem legit, I doubt Indiana officials would sanction some of the regional descriptions, especially the one for the Wabash Valley.

attachment-Indiana regions

The name of the area in the Northwestern part of the state has piqued my curiosity. The person who shared this map on Facebook asked if it really is referred to as "Da Region," and according to southshorecva.com, the answer is yes...

Northwest Indiana is known as "Da Region." It is the section of the Chicago metropolitan area that overflows past the Indiana border. The Region is a cultural "melting pot" creating a very diverse and unique place that is different by far than any other location in Indiana.

I think "Da Region" is a fun name and quite frankly I'm a little jealous. "Southern Indiana" seems so boring by comparison. Can't we come up with better, more creative names for the rest of the regions? Put your thinking cap on and let me know what you got.

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