I do really enjoy going out of town for a while.  Whether it be a long road trip or a quick short week flyaway it is nice to getaway.  That being said, I think we need to have a talk about our behavior at the airport.  I saw some things last week and this weekend that needs to be addressed.

I had never flown before until my sophomore year of high school.  Within the last few years though I have made up for the last time.  I do not want to say that I hate flying but I could do without all the extra b.s. that happens before and after the flight itself.  For starters, let us talk about the boarding process.  If you are at the gate on time you are going to get on the plane!  You do not have to run over 3 elders, two baby strollers, and a dog to get in line to board.  I promise you will get on the plane.

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Something else to consider is that if you are in no hurry to get around the terminal, please stay as far to the right as possible and not smack dab in the middle of the hallway.  There are times when people have to speed along to get to a connecting flight (which is stressful enough) trying to get around you scrolling Facebook is not helping that stress.  I’m really glad that everything is going well for you but please enjoy yourself off to the side.

A quick follow-up to that point.  If you are in a hurry the phrase “excuse me” still goes a long way.  It is okay to be speed walking, or in my case, panic jogging to your connection.  Just be polite as you do so.  Everyone has been in a rush at the airport.  We will understand.

So, in conclusion, my biggest thing when it comes to being at the airport is to just be as polite and courteous as possible to your fellow travelers.  It can be stressful enough and getting run over or blown into doesn’t help things.

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