I decided to join the Townsquare Media Secret Santa, because I love Christmas, and gifts LOL! We filled out a little questionnaire to give everyone an idea of what we like. I put things like, Hello Kitty, Disney, coffee and wine. Armed with that little bit of information, my Secret Santa has given me some super awesome gifts! Yes, gifts with an "S". I didn't realize that everyone here takes the Secret Santa-ing thing very seriously! We can either give just 1 gift, or leave gifts all week. I took the boring gift card route with mine. But my SS went all out! I've had presents left for me everyday! But the mystery remains...Who could know me This well, with so little information...Just look at what I've received!

Hello Kitty bag full of really neat things!
I LOVE these 2 gifts!!
Check out this beautiful desk wreath!
Authentic Starbucks apron & treats!!
Look at this! I just bought this Fitbit band, and the mug matches it!
Look at all of these goodies!
This is so cool! A classic Disney movie tin with more goodies inside!