No matter how good you think you are at basketball, you're not as good as Luke Zeller. Bobby and I found out the hard way when we stopped by his Distinxion basketball camp back in June at the YMCA in downtown Evansville.

Zeller, a Washington, Indiana native and former Phoenix Suns player, as well as the brother of Cody and Tyler Zeller (the latter of which was recently traded from the Cavs to the Celtics), has been taking his camp all around his home state and across the country to teach young players not only the fundamentals of the game, but to also build strong character skills.

We spent about an hour hanging out with Luke where he tried to teach us basic ball handling and dunking skills, along with a lesson or two on how not to behave when you're on the court. It went about as well as expected (fortunately the expectations were pretty low).

Luke and the rest of the Zeller family will bring their Distinxion camp back to the downtown YMCA in Evansville August 15th - 17th. To sign up your young aspiring player, visit the Distinxion website.

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