24/7 Holiday Music is HERE!

Every year around this time, we flip the switch and kick off the holiday season with Christmas music 24/7. We are often asked when we will begin our all-Christmas playlist, and honestly, only Santa knows when it will happen! This morning at 5 AM, we got the call and like Rudolph and the gang, off we went!

Ready to join us for the best holiday music? There are so many ways to listen!

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New in 2021 - Santa Claus Land of Lights Official Radio Station

For the first time ever, we are proud to be The Official Radio Station for Santa Claus Land of Lights! We will have chances for you to win car passes throughout the holiday season. Stay tuned for our upcoming live broadcast from Santa Claus, Indiana!

So this was the situation right before 5:00 AM this morning:

I thought maybe a little SheHulk was beginning to show in my hair, or maybe Poison Ivy. Actually, Poison Ivy would make sense since I have random rashes all of the time.

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How Do You Start the Holiday Season?

'Listening to Straight No Chaser Christmas albums. I have been singing them to my son Mo. He isn't a fan of my singing' ~ Sara Compton

'As a kid it was when Halloween arrived bc I knew two other biggies were coming as well as the school breaks that came with them. Now it is on cold mornings like today that get me thinking about them. So, now I'm anxiously awaiting your Christmas music!' ~ Kevin Wilke

'The making of Christmas cookies!' ~ Magan Flesch Collins

'Halloween is my Kickstart since it's one of my favorites. I love spooky movies & decorating so as the months scoot along redecorating is my fun place.' ~ Jill Taylor

'The Hershey Kiss commercial!!!' ~ Katie McManus Fisher

The Making of a TV Commercial

So, we are used to talking on the radio, and recording just our voices for things we promote on our station. When it comes to creating a television commercial, we really had to go back to the drawing board - Literally. I guess the professionals call it a storyboard, but anyway here is our effort that you might see on our local stations between now and Christmas.

The Best Stores In The Evansville Area For Black Friday Deals in 2021

If you're planning on going out and shopping in that madness next Friday, it might be good to know about which places have the overall best deals ahead of time.

Never Have I Ever (Christmas Carol Edition)

If you've ever played the game NEVER HAVE I EVER with friends, then you know it's a good time! Basically, one person says 'Never Have I Ever' followed by something embarrassing or outrageous or even totally normal and everyone who has done it in the group has to take a drink. This morning, when we were looking at standard Christmas carols, we realized how many Christmasy things we've never done! So the Never Have I Ever Christmas game was born.

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