Many, many years ago, 2003 to be exact, I ran for a seat on Princeton's City Council. The most disappointing part of the experience, was the low voter turnout. Many people think that the Primary is a throw-away election. It's hugely important when there is more than 1 candidate running on the same party ticket. In my experience, there were 4 of us running, and some of the numbers were so close! The man that did win, went on to be the Mayor. So basically, I could've been the Mayor, if more people had voted LOL! Seriously, please vote today!

From the Princeton Daily Clarion February 23, 2003:

  • Liberty Hill, in District 3. Hill, 26, is a communications officer for the Gibson County Sheriff's Department and an on-air morning personality for WRAY. Hill said she's quitting the radio station not due to any potential conflict of interest, but because she's been "working too many hours."The candidate said she has "always been interested in politics, and I'd be a good voice for the people."

Our media partner, Eyewitness News, will have the election results, as them come in.

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