Before I even write a word I already feel like one of those ' get off my lawn ' kinds of guys, just by some of the thoughts I'm having. I can't help but think how good young people have it these days, especially when it comes to technology. Their tech is way than ours was - ours was better than our parents, and so on and so forth. I've reached the point in my life where my kids know way more than I do about modern technology - that's why a video like this one gives me so much joy.

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A group of teenagers was gathered for this 'experiment' to see if they could operate an old-school computer. How old-school? How about circa Windows 95 - is that old enough for ya? Before you watch the video, do you think they'll be able to figure it out? I guess there wouldn't be much to write about if they didn't have some difficulty. Young people seem to be pretty intuitive when it comes to technology, so some things they can figure out, but you have to assume they're going to struggle a bit. What makes me chuckle is their reaction to hearing that there was no WIFI back in the mid-'90s. What?! How did anyone get anything done?!

By the way, did you recognize one of those young people? If you had kids that watch the Disney Channel back around 2011-2015, then you will surely recognize the face of Karan Brar. Still drawing a blank? Karan played Ravi, one of several adopted kids under the watchful eye of their nanny Jessie, played by Debbie Ryan. You see it now, don't you? Yeah, does that make you feel old or what? You're welcome.

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