Ohh, the 1990s.  It gave us Nintendo 64, the PlayStation, and, of course, the Tamagotchi. That little digital key chain that was supposed to be the evolution of owning a pet.  Well, it looks like Tamagotchi is going to be making a bit of a comeback in 2021 and they are going to be teaming up with one of the best droids in all of science fiction, R2-D2.

Set to be released in November of this year, Tamagotchi will allow you to take care of your very own R2-D2.  The new Star Wars toy will come in two colors white or blue.  How you choose to take care of R2 will determine the different skills he develops.  One of those skills does include how well he flies an X-Wing.  So, you probably should take good care of him.

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The new R2 Tamagotchi also includes different characters from the series like C-3PO, Chewy, and the one and only Yoda.  Plus, you can play up to nine mini-games on the Tamagotchi.  This is starting to sound too good to be true.

The official release date of the new R2-D2 Tamagotchi is November 30.  Just in time for Christmas!  You can pre-order one of these bad boys and it is suggested that you do so pretty quick if you really want one.  They are predicted to sell pretty quickly.  If you do end up getting your hands on an R2-D2 Tamagotchi, I only as one thing of you; be sure to actually take care of this one and don’t starve him for 20 years.


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