It's a story much like the plot of every Toy Story movie: A beloved toy is left behind, and it's fate is decided by what happens next. This cute, cuddly unicorn bear was accidentally left behind, over the weekend, in Evansville. We have to return her to her 'Andy or Bonnie'. If she isn't reunited, I'm afraid she will go down a dark path, like Lots-'o-Huggin' Bear did in Toy Story 3.

Photo: Vanessa Borgman
Photo: Vanessa Borgman

This is what we know from a Facebook post by Vanessa Borgman:

Help me find my family! I fell out of my family’s car over the weekend in Qdoba’s (Evansville-Burkhardt Rd)parking lot and my family must not have seen me laying there! A nice lady picked me up and said she would help me find my family. Please share my picture

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