I had Flu A last week which was in one word - terrible! BUT it was also spring break week for my kiddos, and they were home with a sitter.

The first day I was so sick I slept the entire day, but I had little people in bed with me every so often. They would come a knocking and wanted to check on me or lay/snuggle with me. Day two one of my sons had a fever so I let him lay with me most of the day. But at some point I just wanted to be alone. I was miserable and dealing with my own sickness.


Day three I went into work and felt miserable, and on my way home the thought of my kids joining me in bed made me crazy. I told James I was climbing in the bedroom window, and he needed to get footage of it....

Later I went to the doctor and climbed back out and in the window, and they were never the wiser. #momwinning #peaceandquiet #momspy

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