The last two days you have heard all about the ways that you can donate to St. Jude by becoming a Partner in Hope.  When you do this, you will help St. Jude carry on with all of its great programs to make sure no child dies from cancer.  One of these great programs utilizes something I think we all can use to heal at times and that’s music.

When you or I have a good or bad day we listen to music.  It can pull us out of the slump we are in or it makes our day that much better.  At St. Jude music is used as a healing treatment strategy.  Since music is universal patients and families from all walks of life can be impacted by it.  The Music Therapists at St. Jude use music in many different ways.  This includes “anxiety reduction, reduction of pain perception, an alternate engagement during procedures, emotional expression”, and much more.

The music therapy program can also be used as a way for patients to learn how to play instruments or how to write a song.  But one thing that I think really stands out as a part of this program is the fact that St. Jude will use music to cement special memories.  If the unfortunate circumstance occurs where a patient does pass away the family will be able to remember them through a very unique song.   The Music Therapists can record the child’s heartbeat and use it as the beat to a song of the parent's choosing.

Again, the Music Therapy program is just one of many ways that St. Jude goes above and beyond to serve its patients and families.  You can be a part of their journey forward by becoming a partner in hope.  You can call 1-800-372-4999 or text JUDE to 626262.

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