If you have ever worked in customer service, whether it was retail or in a restaurant, you probably have stories about verbally abusive customers.

Handling Customer Complaints Isn't Easy

I can honestly say that I have had at least one extremely bad experience with a customer. How bad was it? Let me tell you, I went to the office and cried. I was working at a fun place that is all about keeping kids and parents active and happy. A dad chewed me out complete with curse words - Yes, in front of God and everybody. This was all over a disagreement about dodgeball. Now, he did stop me and apologize after I cried. But I am happy to say that the other adults that heard his rant came to my defense.


No Steak for You

We are all human, and we all make mistakes. Recently, a waitress at Taylor's 2 Steakhouse in Oakland City, Indiana found herself on the receiving end of a verbally abusive customer.

According to the Facebook post from restaurant owner Paul Green, a man was not happy with his sandwich and caused quite a scene by dropping the F-bomb at the waitress.


Mr. Green went on to say that this man is not welcome at Taylor's 2 Steakhouse unless he apologizes to the waitress. No one got his name, otherwise, I'm sure that he would be tagged in the post.


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The people that work for me, are some of the finest people I have had the pleasure to work with. Although in my mind, they are the best in the business, they do sometimes make mistakes, as we all do. If something isn’t served as it should be or to your liking we will do our best to correct it in any way we can. All it takes is to let someone know what the problem is in a polite manner. It will be taken care of. The gentleman last night who felt as though they needed to be abrasive and abusive because they didn’t like what they were served, you need some serious help. I was informed by my managers that your sandwich was not up to power and it would’ve been taken care of but to scream the F-bomb in my restaurant and treat my girls in the most abusive manner possible over a sandwich will not be tolerated. If that’s how you were brought up and taught to treat other people then you need not darken the door of Taylor’s 2 Steakhouse. I will not have any of my employees verbally abused by adolescent adults. The server last evening was one of the sweetest and most kind people I know. So I don’t care who you know, who do you think you are, or how good of a customer you think you are unless you apologize to that young lady do not enter my restaurant ever again.
Paul Green, Owner

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