We have a Ring security camera in our kitchen. It's placed so we can see our garage and front doors at the same time. However, the best videos have come from inside our house.

AFV In Real Life

If we had a camera in every room of the house, I could own America's Funniest Videos. There was the time that I fell off of the Chirp Wheel trying to pop my back, and ended up bruised. I have fallen up the stairs, and some might find it humorous to watch me do laundry.   

The Time I Slammed My Head Into The Microwave

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Meet Molly - Alleged Food Thief

Molly is the absolute sweetest little pittie mix that you will ever meet. She has kisses for everyone and rolls over for mandatory belly rubs. Molly also likes to eat. When I say eat, I don't mean the food in her bowl. In fact, she prefers her meals to be on a Molly Plate. That's a special red plate that is just for her. But after watching this video, it is clear that she just wants pancakes from anyone's plate.

@libertyonair20 Molly helped herself to pancakes for dinner #dog #pittiesoftiktok #pittie #pancakes #evansville #pancakesfordinner ♬ Pancakes for Dinner - Karen K and the Jitterbugs

A Closer Look


I had no idea that Molly had eaten any pancakes until after I packed the leftovers away. This is not the first time that she has swiped food from the counter, and it won't be the last. This internet fame will only make her want to get in more videos.

Meet Molly The Sweetest Pit Terrier Mix Adopted From P.C. Pound Puppies

Here are just a few of the photos that best represent Molly's personality.

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