In another edition of “What’s Going to be in Short Supply next?” I can tell you I didn’t see this one coming.  One of the most popular soda brands, Dr. Pepper, is having trouble staying on the shelves.  This one goes right next to toilet paper on the list of random things we felt like we needed to overstock on.

A tweet from the official Dr. Pepper page acknowledged the fact that the popular soft drink is hard to find.  However, the brand is doing everything they can to get the delicious drink back on the shelves and into your refrigerator.

“This means working with our distribution partners to keep shelves stocked nationwide, while ensuring the safety of our employees.”

There is a bit of humor that sparked due to the recent tweet from Dr. Pepper.  To let the brand know that they weren’t alone, Charmin tweeted a response that said,

“Welcome to the club.  We feel your pain.”

In which Dr. Pepper followed up with,

“TP and DP in this together.”

Who would have thought that these two brands would ever have something in common?  Still, it’s good to see that they can poke some fun at the current situation they find themselves in. Speaking of having fun and needing a good laugh.  I suggest going through the entire thread of comments from the original tweet.  A lot of loyal fans showing support and also sharing how they have already stocked up for an occasion such as this.  People really do love their Dr. Pepper.

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