[If you have cabin fever after this past winter, good news! One amusement park is already open for their 2022 season!

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Six Flags St. Louis' 2022 Season is Underway

April may seem a bit early for amusemsent parks, but Six Flags season is already underway.  They just opened for their 2022 season the first weekend of April.  With only being about a 3-hour drive from the Tri-State you could take a Saturday and get your adrenaline rush with plenty oftime to get home and crawl into your own bed.  It's that great distance for a day trip, or a whole weekend.

Six Flags St. Louis is Currently Open on Weekends

If you're wanting to head to St. Louis, make sure you check Six Flags' schedule.  According to their website they're open pretty much every Saturday and Sunday from now until May 28th, when they look to start their daily operations for the summertime.

If you want to enjoy a weekend at Six Flags St. Louis they're usually open Saturday 10:30-7 and Sundays 10:30-6.  But be sure to check their full schedule out here. 


When does the water park open?

Who doesn't love water slides?  Six Flags' Hurricane Harbor water park has its opening day Saturday May 28th!

An underrated amusement park?

One YouTuber recently reviewed Six Flags St. Louis and dubbed it one of the most "underrrated" of the Six Flags parks in the country.

Check out the video below where Canobie Coaster reviews the park, and shares some really cool shots of the coasters.

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