I still haven't caught up with losing an hour of sleep from this weekend's time change, (yawn...grumble) but, on the bright side, some of my Spring flowers are in bloom and I'm lovin' it!    

Deb's Daffodil's ; credit by Deb Turner
Deb's Daffodil's ; credit by Deb Turner

Spring officially begins one week from today on March 20th so I'm pretty happy to see some of my perennials in bloom - mostly in the front of my house which gets more sun during the day.  My purple crocus's are in bloom and just one of my daffodil's. I've been missing seeing some bright colors outside the house for months!  One of my hobbies is gardening so, I'm looking forward to spending some time outdoors planting more flowers (annuals).

Have you seen any signs of Spring yet?

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