If you're thinking that it's way too hot outside to do anything, you're right! So, catching a movie in the air conditioning, for the bargain price of $5, seems like a good idea. Here are some places you can catch a flick for cheap!

Showplace Cinemas has brought back $5 Tuesday, which means that you can watch any movie, on any screen, for just $5.

AMC Evansville offers a similar discount on Tuesdays! If you are a west sider this might be a better option for you but the discount movies are limited and they range from $5-7.

If you don't mind seeing a movie that has been out a while, or even a throwback retro movie, check out Showplace Cinemas South. Prices range from $2-7 and even the concessions are discounted. (Yes, Tuesdays are only $2!)

Did you know that USI has a theater? And the movies and popcorn are FREE? Only one catch, you have to be faculty, staff, student, or be accompanied by one. But, if you have the "in" there are some fairly new releases!

The Old National Public Theatre inside the WNIN Public Media Center features a 48 seat cinema style theatre with stadium seating. It's the local source for WNIN Independent Film Series, Original Productions, Movies on Main, family-friendly events, and more. And bonus - some of the viewings are F-R-E-E!

Speaking of FREE, if you want to skip the theater and enjoy a relaxing evening at home, your public library has FREE DVD rentals. And, if you just can't get off the couch, EVPL offers some documentaries, movies, and TV shows that you can stream... that's right... for FREE!


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