Let me introduce you to my mother-in-law Rosie, she's the one with short hair, not the pointy hat. To say that Rosie enjoys decorating her house and yard is a big understatement. In my opinion, it's bordering on 'a problem,' but I digress. Rosie has tubs and tubs and tubs of decorations for each season, but when Halloween rolls around, she really pulls out all the stops - and she pulls out Wanda.

Now let me introduce you to Wicked Wanda, the other lady in the picture above. Wanda is a silly old witch that likes to put on a show for the folks in her west side Evansville neighborhood. Each day, Wanda is in a different part of the yard, getting up to no good with some sort of shenanigans. Finding Wanda and seeing what she's up to has almost become like a game for the folks in her hood.

As much as I hate to do it (you know, cause she's my mother-in-law), I have to give Rosie a ton of credit. The stuff she comes up with for Wanda is really friggin' clever. The one that first caught my eye and had me seriously lol-ing is Wanda using the weed whacker. And the one that inspired this article and gallery is Wanda's shout out to MY105.3 - I guess even witches like music from the 80s, 90s and Now!

I've put together a gallery that we can call 'The Best of Wicked Wanda.' Some pics are timely (COVID and voting) and some are timeless. I gotta say, the G family (and the rest of Rosie's neighborhood) really looks forward to seeing what Wanda is up to each day.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Rosie and Wicked Wanda!

Wicked Wanda (the Witch) Entertains West Side Neighborhood

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