Something most of us wouldn't think of, cleaning our mailbox. It's a great way to help out our letter carriers!

Photo: Lindsey Clark
Photo: Lindsey Clark

My friend Lindsey is a Letter Carrier in Bloomington, and she shared a really good tip today that I would have never thought about.   The mail is an essential business (and a critical one at that), so our local letter carriers are still hard at work even during this shut down.  One great way that we can help them out is by sanitizing our own mailbox.  Use the proper cleaners, and sanitize under the handle, the flag, and even on the inside.  It's a great way to help protect yourself, and your carrier. And Lindsey even left her letter carrier a little treat inside!

Another way to keep our letter carriers safe while they're out on the job is remembering to keep social distancing.  Many people look forward to talking to their letter carriers, or like to step outside to talk to them if they are leaving a package on their porch.  While most of the time this is a welcome exchange, and very much enjoyed by our carriers, for the time being, they're asking that you please stay inside until they leave your porch.  They are trying to keep their exposure down as much as possible, as well as trying not to expose you to something either.  So while Lindsey assures me that letter carriers often really enjoy these daily interactions, right now its for their safety and your own that you please stay inside until they're off your porch and away.

Times are really a struggle right now for everyone, and humans are social creatures, but remember this is only temporary.  Hang in there, and take care of each other.  Soon this will pass and we can all go back to interacting like normal.

Thank you Lindsey for this great information, stay safe friend!  I'll be cleaning my mailbox as soon as I get home!

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