A local company is expanding its business footprint on Evansville's Southside.

Google Maps 2600 S Kentucky Ave
Google Maps 2600 S Kentucky Ave

New Owner Announced for Evansville's Former K-Mart Building

We have so many amazing restaurants and shops opening in the Evansville area that the announcement of a warehouse might not seem very exciting. It's great to see companies like Rexing to continue to invest in Evansville, Indiana.

Rexing Companies will continue to utilize the Kentucky Ave property in its current capacity as a warehouse. Additionally, Rexing has future plans for improvements to the 105,000-square-foot building that will allow the property to operate at its maximum efficiency. Rexing Companies is looking forward to continuing its investment in the Evansville Tristate Area, where its headquarters is located.
We know what you want, because we know what we would want. From shipping and receiving in the warehouse, to putting the right carrier on the load to get it shipped, we know you want the best. Rexing's line of services gives our team the opportunity to see and understand the meaning of "Start to Finish."

K-Mart Memories

K-Mart was a staple department store in the 80s. This was back when stores offered customers the opportunity to put merchandise back and pay for it a little at a time. I have no idea how stores had enough room in the back to store all of the items waiting to be paid for. This is probably one reason we don't see that in stores these days.

Liquidation Sales Begin At Some Kmarts
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