Today on EvansvilleWatch I saw a post that I felt was a good reminder for everyone, clear your lawn clippings from the road. It might sounds like a small menial task, but those clippings could actually be very dangerous to someone on a bike.  Today on EvansvilleWatch a post got shared several times after a motorcyclist called in after almost crashing their bike due to lawn clippings in the road.

General Complaint- Darmstadt Rd E of Wortman. Caller says a subject is mowing grass and blowing grass clippings into the roadway. Caller is a motorcyclist and said he almost lost control of his bike. VCSO enroute.

I just felt this was a good time to post a reminder to please remember to clear your lawn clippings from the road after you mow.  My dad and brother both have motorcycles and are avid riders in the area. They always wear their helmets and appropriate riding gear, but I always worry about them.  They have told me that coming across lawn clippings in the road is one of the scarier parts of riding because it's so easy to lose control.

So stay safe, and help keep others safe by cleaning up your lawn clippings!

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