Today is the day we celebrate Dad’s on this Father’s Day!  My own father passed away six years ago and what I really miss about him was his fun natured spirit and corny jokes.  That’s what I remember best about him.   

Throughout my childhood, my Dad was always joking around with us kids.  At family gatherings, at the dinner table, and in public places he’d be making us all laugh.

He would take some time after his busy day at work to play with us - whether it was an outdoor game of kickball, baseball, building a snowman in the cold winters along with a snowball-throwing competition.

Credit by Deb turner

(Pictured above is my Dad and me during a visit to Mt. Rainer in Washington.)

I will always keep these and other wonderful memories of my dad close in my heart.  Thanks Dad for your guidance, wisdom, and love throughout the years and for making us laugh, even if they were corny jokes.

Credit by Deb Turner

(Above:  Here’s a pic of my two children when they were just little ones with my Dad.)

Happy Father’s Day!  Enjoy some time with your Dad’s today and make some great memories!