You've heard us talk a lot lately about the New Year, New Life blood drive with the American Red Cross - and that's because it's such an important event. We team up with the Red Cross every January to host some sort of donorama because the beginning of the year is a good time to remind you how great the need is for blood donations. There was certainly a need for blood last year at this time, and we had a really successful blood drive - then the next thing you know, 2020 showed its true colors and everything changed. It should probably go without saying (but I'll say it anyway) that the need for blood is greater now than any other year in recent memory, and that's why this particular blood drive is so important. The need is also great for something we probably never heard of before 2020, and that is Convalescent Plasma..

We asked Theo Boots, the Executive Director of the American Red Cross Southwest Chapter to come on the MY Morning Show to remind us all how to take part in the blood drive, and to reiterate why it's so important to do so.

Interview with Theo Boots from the American Red Cross

If you didn't listen to the interview, or at least not the entire thing, you might have missed something really important that Theo said - and that's the fact that everyone who donates during this blood drive will be qualified to win a pair of tickets to next year's SUPER BOWL! You can learn more about that giveaway as well as the importance of 'convalescent plasma' at

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