My first thought, when I hear about a 5K held on Thanksgiving day, was "who in the world would get up early on their holiday day off to go run a doggone race?" The answer is, thousands of people will do that, and they'll do that for 30 doggone years!

I guess it makes sense though. Running the Turkey Day 5K burns a ridiculous amount of calories and makes a whole bunch of room in your belly, enabling you to just go crazy when you sit down for lunch and dinner later in the day. Of course, people also run the race because it helps raise money for an amazing organization - the Goodwill.

Despite what you might think (I know I did), the Goodwill is not just a thrift store and place to take your old stuff. Luckily we have Robyn Oglesby to tell us all about how the Goodwill uses these funds. Take a minute to listen to our interview below.


The run/walk is set for Thursday, November 28th at 8am in downtown Evansville. You can save a few bucks by pre-registering. You can, however, register the day of if you want.

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