I was having one of those day's where I just couldn't wait to get home after a hectic and busy day at work. (It's all the stuff I do as a Promotions Director before I go on-the-air, mind you.) Well, last week on my way home from work, I noticed a huge beautiful rainbow in the sky. 

You'd think by now that after decades of seeing rainbows that it'd be no big deal. But, it still is!  When I saw this huge colorful arc in the sky Friday evening, I just seemed to let go of all the stuff that I was thinking about that really wasn't worth worrying about!  All I wanted to do was snap a picture of that gorgeous rainbow!

It's nature's beauty after all!   And, the next time I see another rainbow up in the sky, I'll probably get very excited again!  Yeah, it's the little things in life, like a rainbow, that still gets me every time.

Rainbow in Evansville/Newburgh - credit by Deb Turner
Rainbow in Evansville/Newburgh - credit by Deb Turner

I snapped this pic through my car windshield so it's not the best.  I was driving on I-69 traveling north toward the Lloyd Expressway exit when I spotted this.

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