In the past two weeks, we've talked about animals that have been dumped and left for someone to find. I don't understand how anyone could do that, but this situation is even more baffling to me.

My friend, Lisa Julian-Pea shared a video last week that she claims shows someone stealing her cat and driving away with it. She shared that video and filed a report with the police, since stealing someone's pet is a crime. She's even offering a $500 reward to find her kitty cat.

Oscar is a sweet fluffy little 15-month-old cat. He is grey with black stripes and a brown belly. Oscar has a chip, so he can be identified. I really thought that he was the cat left at It Takes a Village in the taped litter box, but it wasn't him. Oscar's family misses him, he has been missing from 805 North Main Street in Princeton since April 23, 2021.

 Here's Oscar's official missing notice from PetKey.
Photo: PetKey / Lisa Julian-Pea
Photo: PetKey / Lisa Julian-Pea

You can send Lisa a message about Oscar through PetKey. Or you can call  866-699-3463.

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