Los Aztecas has basically been one of the four food groups in Princeton for the past 22 years. No really, it's that good. You know that if I can find more than one thing on a menu that I actually like, anyone can eat there.

It's actually the spot that Doug first showed off his Spanish skills, 'No Queso'. We went there for our wedding dinner. Well, it was a lunch, and just the two of us, but it was our favorite. I craved their Potato Enchiladas constantly while I was pregnant. This was no bueno, since we lived in Lexington, KY at the time.

This potato swimming in queso and chicken is amazing.

Los Aztecas Potato
Los Aztecas Potato

I've been following a bit of drama that has unfolded at our beloved Mexican restaurant. I won't share any of that, because I don't have the actual facts. But whatever happened, has caused their business to go under. Paired with COVID-19, the drama was a recipe for disaster. But, maybe it can be saved.

According to a Facebook post on the Los Aztecas page, it is now under new ownership. The building is getting a face lift and a new name. The new owners say they will keep just about everything on the menu, and add some new items as well.

Los aztecas plates
Los Aztecas Princeton photo: Aztecas
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