Roses are red, violets are blue, if you have a warrant, the police will get you.

That is not the message you want to see in your Valentine's Day card. But, if you know that your ex has a warrant out for their arrest, turning them in this weekend would be pretty good revenge.

Police departments across the country have taken to social media to offer a 'Valentine's Day Special'. It sounds like quite the weekend: Free transportation, up to three nights Free accommodations, Free meals and a special bracelet. They could also add: Free wardrobe change, Free storage for valuables, Recreation time, Free cable TV, a photo opportunity, and you might just meet a new best friend!

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I guess that I should clarify just a little, to eliminate confusion. This offers is for individuals with active warrants. So, you can't call the police for this offer, just because he or she broke your heart. You can stay remain anonymous. They will only find out that you ratted them out, if you tell everyone on social media.

Valentines Day Weekend Special!!!!!
Do you have an ex-Valentine and know they have warrants? Give us a call with their location for a special holiday offer.
This Friday evening's special includes free transportation, a three night stay in our luxurious accommodations, Valentines happy meal dinner and a special set of bracelets.
All this can be yours for the price of a phone call.
Callers can remain anonymous.

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