Piston's Bar and Grill located at 2131 West Franklin Street will be closing their doors after seven years of business.  

According to 44 News,  the bar will stay open for another four to six weeks before they officially close their doors.  The bar has been sold.

In a statement from the owner, Jason English:

It is with heavy heart and great sadness to announce that Piston’s has been sold… 7 yrs ago I bought a small bar on franklin and I remodeled and rebuilt and added on and built a kitchen with a master chef who has become a part of my family and a true brother to me… Joey Tornatore was the foundation that started this great project and made it what it had become, but do to the relentless harassment of eville watch that have gave this beautiful bar and its amazing employees a bad reputation I have decided to sell and make sure that they and there families always have job security, I truly hope the new owner takes it to a new level and that the EPD and eville watch give him the respect to move forward…


Source:  44 News

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