We all know that I am a dessert fanatic.  I love cookies, cakes, doughnuts, a good danish, and so on.  So, as someone who has a bit of a sweet tooth and enjoys scouring the internet for different and unique desserts, I had a bit of a snag today.  I came across something that has the audacity to suggest putting pickles in cupcakes.  No, no, no, no, no.

First off, pickles are disgusting and should be nowhere near a dessert table.  Second, no one wants to eat crunchy cupcakes.  (I’m fine with a nice chunky cupcake if and only if those chunks are made of delicious chocolate or candy) This pickle recipe, however, not only calls for pickle juice to be put in the batter but diced pickles as well.  The person behind this atrocity does try to win you over by adding bourbon into the frosting but you have already lost me at pickle.

I do no think that I will ever understand the idea of making dessert items into non-dessert items.  The whole point of a dessert is to kill a sweet tooth or have a nice treat after a meal.  What’s next lemon cucumber doughnuts?  Don’t even think about it internet.

Look, I get that people love pickles (for some odd reason) But by putting them into cupcakes you are just taking this pickle craze way too far.  Anyway, if you are someone who is crazy enough to want to try pickle cupcakes here is where you can get the recipe.  I hope it’s all you ever dreamed of.

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