Did you know that your pet has a taste in music?

Spotify shared some interesting statistics on the relationship between music and pets. 1 in 5 owners name their pet after a musician, 69% of owners sing to their pet and 71% of owners have played music for their pet. So it's only logical that your beloved pets get their own customized playlist.

Spotify is now giving its users the chance to create the purrrfect algorithmically generated playlist for your pet. Visit Spotify to get started, it takes four simple steps.

Step 1: Select your type of pet

Users can choose from a dog, cat, iguana, hamster, or bird.

Step 2: Take a survey to determine your pet's personality

You'll then answer a few simple questions about your pet, their habits and personality, if they're more relaxed or energetic, etc. The answers to these questions will create the vibe of the customized playlist.

Step 3: Add your pet's photo and name

The playlist will be customized with your pet's picture and name.

Step 4: Ready to go!

Once you finish completing the first three steps, your pet is ready to jam out to its fully personalized playlist. You'll also get a social sharing card to post to your social media networks. Check out the hashtag #SpotifyPets to see what other pets are listening to.

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