I don't know about you, but anytime I go to cut my pizza, I always end up with uneven pieces. My triangles never match, and that's okay I'm not too picky. Any way you slice it, pizza is pizza, and it's all good.  But did you know that mathematically there's actually a way to cut your pizza into 12 perfectly even slices?

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This may come in handy if you've got kids who are always fighting over the biggest slice! So basically when you get the pizza cut it kind of looks like a star shape.  You start by making 6 curved lines from the middle of the pizza. Then you cut in the middle of those slices towards the outer corner. Mathematically this will give you 12 perfectly even slices of pizza. I know it's kind of hard to explain in text, so check out this video from PBS.

After watching that is your head spinning too?  I know there's the traditional triangles, and then if you're from the tri-state and you're a fan of that Una-style pizza with cracker crust then you cut it into squares. That's about as fancy as I know my pizza cuts to get, but this triangle star stuff is next level.

Hey if you're a fan of pizza, I recently went through and listed all of the local pizza joints we have in Evansville. If you're a fan of pizza and wanting to try a place you've never been before, maybe this list will spark some ideas for you!  Sidenote I tried to make sure I got every locally owned pizza place in Evansville, but if I missed any please let me know (melissa@103gbfrocks.com) and I'll get them added!

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