I feel like it has now become partially my job to stay up-to-date on all things that could be in short supply.  So far, we have discovered that toilet paper, Clorox Wipes and Dr. Pepper have taken a hit thanks to Covid-19.  Dr. Pepper being in short supply still gets to me.  Anyway, yet another random item is having issues staying abundant.

The best pizza topping around, pepperoni, has taken a hit thanks to the coronavirus.  The weird list just keeps on growing.  Now, this one is a bit more understandable than some of the previous items we have covered.  Mainly because meats have been in short supply at points during the pandemic.  You can probably chalk it up to the fact that pizza has been one of the top foods we have consumed during this time.

Now, the pepperoni shortage has had more of an effect on smaller mom and pop pizza shops as compared to the big chains.  So, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s seem to be fine thanks to their long-term contracts with their vendors.  But unfortunately for the smaller pizza places, it’s been harder to stay well-stocked.  Price is a big reason for this.  Some places are paying close to five dollars per pound of pepperoni when it is usually closer to three dollars.

If you are the type of person who just has to have pepperoni around the house be advised as well.  Some grocery stores have bumped up prices on the tiny deli meat.  Again, supply issues thanks to the meat shortages are the cause of this.

I guess I should consider myself lucky since this past weekend I was able to enjoy a pizza that was covered in pepperoni.  I even ordered it from a local place and not a chain.  Crazy!  I’m sure there will another item we can add to the “weird things in short supply” list soon.  So, until then savor any time you can enjoy a pepperoni topped pizza.

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