This is just another reason for me to dislike social media.  It gives complete dummies a platform to present their nonsense.  Now, I am by no means a genius but I do know that trying to whiten my teeth with a magic eraser is really, really stupid.

Once again, the internet does not disappoint when it comes to highlighting how stupid we humans can be.  For some reason, a woman has taken it upon herself to share her own hygiene hack that involves scraping a magic eraser on her teeth to make them look whiter.  (No, just no) According to Heather Dunn on Tik Tok, all you need to do to have the pearly whites of your dreams is methodically rub the cleaning tool on your teeth, and boom you have a movie star smile.  Oh, but make sure the magic eraser doesn’t touch your gums because that hurts.

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I’m pretty sure on the box of all magic erasers it specifically says for household cleaning purposes only.  So, why in the world would you put that thing anywhere near your mouth?  Luckily, several dentists have come out to warn people how dangerous this is.  They have said that the only reason your teeth look whiter after scrapping this eraser on your teeth is that the chemicals in it are taking off your teeth’s enamel.  You don’t me to tell you this but that’s not a good thing!

So, if you really want to have super white teeth just stick to the basics of brushing twice a day, use floss, and remember that mouthwash is your friend.

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