Unique Mardi Gras Paczki Can be Found in Evansville - But Only For a Limited Time

You don't have to be Polish or Catholic to enjoy the feasts of Fat Tuesday. You do have to plan ahead if you want to get your hands on the delicacy known as Paczki.

Photo: Donut Bank Paczki
Photo: Donut Bank Paczki

How do You Even Pronounce That?

One of my favorites this time of the year is the hard-to-pronounce Paczki. It is not pronounced like it is spelled at all! Say it with me Ponch-Key. It is kind of like you're punching a key (That's how I remember it).

Although, this professional Paczki maker gives us several ways to say it. 

A Little Paczki History

Maybe you've never heard of these sugary treats, well I've done plenty of research on this topic. I've been on the hunt for beignets, ever since I tried them at Disney World. Every time that I search beignet, Paczki also comes up, but they are not the same thing.

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By the description, Paczki seems to have about the same recipe as a beignet, except they are filled with fruit jellies or custard. Paczki pronounced (Ponch-Key) is actually a polish treat that is popular right before Lent.

Here's a little history of Paczki. They are NOT just jelly donuts.

Paczki in Evansville

Our friends at Donut Bank are offering lemon, blueberry, and raspberry fillings, and topped with powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, or glazed. The Paczki are only around for a very limited time, so if you want to try one, from the Donut Bank you have Friday, February 17, 2023 - Tuesday, February 21, 2023. I have also found several varieties, including Bavarian cream, at Fresh Thyme Market.

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