Doodles are known to have human-like qualities.  If you're a doodle owner you know.  One Owensboro Doodle is obsessed with the park and it's hilarious.

Meet Olivia.  Olivia is a three-month-old Goldendoodle with a very strong love for the park.  Actually, she is obsessed with the swings.  Her owner posted a video and photos of her enjoying a sunny day at the park on Facebook wait for it...swinging in a baby swing LOL.

Here's what Samantha Tooley had to say about it:

Olivia Rey is a 3-month-old Goldendoodle. Larkin (her daughter) picked her out when she was a week old and she came home to us when she was 8 weeks old. She's the most chill pup ever. We had just finished laying a track for the Daviess County Search and Rescue Mantracking team so they could practice tracking our steps for their searches. Larkin wanted to swing so while she was swinging I put Olivia in the baby swing to see what she'd do. She just sat there and let the wind blow through her hair. I took her out and walked away from the swings and she pulled me back over, sat down and just wagged her little tail. So I put her back in the swing and she happily swung for about 10 minutes.

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Angel here and our family has two Goldendoodles.  Layla, 3, and Lilly, 10-months, literally think they're people.  They sleep in our bed.  Sit in the front seat of the car.  They snub you and love you like a real person it is the absolute best and funniest thing ever.

We can't imagine our lives without them.  Does your pet think it's human?  Tell us a funny story and post a pic of your pet on the WBKR Facebook page!


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